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A band from Mohnton, PA is what I’m talking about in this post boys and girls. If you have never heard of Innerpartysystem, then you are honestly missing out. With a politically pissed off song called ‘Don’t Stop’ being their most known, they make deep lyrical music and it sounds very well, and put together well. I personally love the song ‘Heart of Fire’. This song is based on cheating while on tour (he did not actually do this, but this is how the song is depicted via the music video)

(Note: I’m not sure if the video got embedded correctly or not. If it did not, and I do not catch it right away I will remove and will just post a link to the video itself)
There are other songs such as Obsession, that describe losing a love and wanting the love back. “I want you to notice, what you’ve been missing, and I want you to feel that… feel that deep inside of you.” Basically, hoping the person they love realizes what they just lost and will want to come back.

‘Die Tonight Live Forever’ is one of their most powerful songs, with a great message. “If we all should die tonight, we will have no regrets.” That is pretty self explanatory. Die with no regrets.

If you buy the album off of iTunes you get a bonus track of a cover of the song Transmission. The song was originally done by the band Joy Division.

Now, Innerpartysystem has another album coming out after their 2008 debut album, no name for the album nor a release date have been named or set. But! If you watch this video;

You will hear a song clip on the time code from 0:10 – 0:25. That little bit of the song sounds amazing. I cannot even wrap my head around how good that is, it blew my mind when I heard it the first time. I already turn up the volume when I hear Innerpartysystem in my car or on my computer. This new album will continue making me do so, and I do not have a problem with this at all. In the description if you go to the actual video, there is a link to download a teaser cut mp3 for free! The teaser also proves that the album is very much worth the wait. If you go to http://www.innerpartysystem.net and you actually register, you can download two mixtapes the band did for the summer and for the winter. Both mixtapes are well put together, but I prefer the summer one because it is more upbeat than the winter one.

Any who, I’m out of things to say about this band. Please do go support these guys, they deserve every dollar, and will not disappoint you with how they use the money!


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March 1, 2010 at 9:38 pm

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  1. Omfg! I haven’t listened to them in a while. Can’t wait for the new album tho. Btw I miss you maffewww mah partnerrrr lol xD


    March 1, 2010 at 11:46 pm

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