Ohai thurrr.

I have a few choice words for you.

It’s that time of the year again to hit the gyms;

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…and that’s what I’m doing, yet again. If any of you read my Myspace blog last year I had announced I was going to lose more weight last Spring or so. This spring is no different! Although I’ll probably tighten the diet more than I did last year, I’m going to workout more often now than last year.

Last year in the Spring, my diet was whatever I wanted and then just working out. I lost some weight that way, a good chunk actually from Spring til end of summer. 65 pounds is how much I lost. I think this time I can achieve more than that and finally, finally be happy with my body. I’m not trying for super skinny, but I am going for slimmer than I am now. I won’t be able to love my body by Summer… unless I put in double time and super strict dieting… but I don’t want to do that haha.

I think this time I’ll actually be fully happy with my body and accept my size. It’s not that I don’t right now, but you get what I mean. I want to be normal sized, and not have much fat on me, you do still need fat on you though. Anorexic skinny is not attractive, and it will never be haha. But with the support of friends, and following a schedule, I should be able to do this for sure!

That’s all for today boys and girls. I hope you have a great night, and day until you visit to read another blog tomorrow, if you do that is 🙂

Bonus stuff!: Uhh, well, today after I got home from school I hopped onto my Xbox, and couldn’t sign in. Why? Someone, or many people, had been reporting my gamertag, omfgwtflawl, so I was forced to change it. I am now known as BAAAIMASHEEEEEP on Xbox Live, if you want to add me, add me. I play Mw2, Dj Hero, Re5, Lost Planet, all that fun stuff.


Written by omfgwtflawl

March 4, 2010 at 9:34 pm

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