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Day Two: twicca (BETA)

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If you typed “twitter” into the Android Market, you would get a ton of responses; Seesmic, Twidroid, Hootsuite, etc. Out of all those choices, I chose a beta to both use permanently and review for you guys. Not only is twicca still in beta form, but it is also one of the best put together apps and easiest to use. The developer made it extremely user friendly. It even has a bar you can add onto your home screen with a button to Update, go to the Home page of twicca, Mentions, direct Messages, and a Search funtion. This widget is 1 x 4, and has not seemed to use much battery at all, big plus. Additionally, only one account can be synced at one time.

Let us delve into the fancy’s of the app. Let’s start with the settings portion. You have settings for your account, timeline, status updates, search/trending topics, notifications, color labels, font, profile, GPS/location and lastly plug-ins. Plug-ins are slowly but surely being made for this app. Currently there are two for download; buzzter allows you to see Trending Topics when long pressing on the search view icon. Twitpic’s plug-in allows integration in between Twitpic and twicca so you can post pics and whatnot. When looking at the timeline you get to see the persons username, picture, and tweet. Long pressing on the tweet brings up a menu to do a plethora of things such as mention the person, direct message, retweet, etc.

For a beta, this app is amazing. This app does more than half the Twitter apps on the market can do which is a plus. Speaking of plus’, time for the pros and cons and my verdict versus the Market’s current verdict.


  • Trending Topics
  • Home screen widget
  • Easy functionality
  • Plug-ins for later add ons
  • The over all look of this app is gorgeous


  • Widget does not seperate, only available in 1×4 form
  • If you need to use multiple accounts, you cannot do it on twicca
  • The buttons (on the Eris at least) are too close to the on screen buttons of twicca, you might accidentally hit the buttons on the Eris and not twiccas

Android Markets verdict as of right now: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

My verdict: I agree with the Market, 4.5 out of 5 stars.

So, another day, another review. Thanks for reading and I will soon be posting screen capped pictures of these apps in motion because I am looking at rooting my phone. I am already running 2.1 on my phone because there was a leak that required you to just boot your phone and hold two buttons down and it updated, so I took the oppotunity. I would do the SDK way for non-root users but for some reason something will not download with the SDK so it does not work properly. I may give it another shot for non-root before I root.

Byeee 🙂


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April 19, 2010 at 8:54 pm

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