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Widget Wednesday #1!

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I thought of this idea as I was walking to my car after school today, Widget Wednesday! I’m doing app reviews, but there are also tons of free widgets out there on the market that need to be shown as well. I also thought about doing a weather app today because it was raining today and it just sparked that idea, odd. Anyways, the first widget is going to be the free version to Weather Widget.

First off; if you have an HTC phone that can do the Weather/Clock combo, I recommend that over this, this review is mainly for those without an HTC phone and want a decent weather widget.

Here we go! After downloading and installing this app and going into either “Add Widgets” or “Add Android Widgets” you will scroll down to the W’s of all this and see three weather widget sizes. Large, small, and tiny. Large is about 2×2 on your screen, small is 1×2 and tiny is 1×1. With the normal 2×2 WW, you get the current forecast, how it looks outside, and the High/Low and forecast for three days in advance. Small give you temperature and current forecast outside. Tiny does the same thing as small but just more compact and cuter.

There’s not much to this app except for that little snippet up there, so here come the Pro/Cons and verdicts!


  • Accurate in location 
  • Accurate in temperature
  • Accurate in current outlook outside
  • Does not take up tons of the home screen 



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April 21, 2010 at 8:12 pm

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