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Weather Bug!

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Weather Bug is quite possibly the best app to use to see future forecasts and current happenings outside. Not even The Weather Channel’s app does this well in telling you everything!  It works on 3G net connection, and usually will not run unless you start the app up. That is the best part of this app, it runs when you tell it, not anytime it wants *coughstockcameraappcough* Sorry, I had to uh, cough there.

All jokes aside, let us delve into the treasures this app holds for us, shall we? Going to be heading out to play Golf soon? Unsure if the winds are strong? Check Weather Bug, it tells you both speed, and direction of the wind. Ladies, this also means you can do your hair special for that guy you have had your eye on if the winds are right! Back to the app and not hairstyle tips. This app also offers Traffic Cams that show you weather as it happens. Wonder what is going on near your local WalMart? Look at the cam to see traffic, weather, and maybe even a robbery if you happen to be so lucky. Among the Traffic Cam is Weather Alerts. These tell you about frost warnings, flash floods, severe thunder storms, blizzards, etc.

It has a neat My Location function which tells you where you are located, if you were not already aware. That being said, this app is the most accurate of any of the weather apps I have tried. Those being The Weather Channel, HTC Clock/Weather, Beautiful Widget’s Home, and Weather Widget – Free. This app uses GPS to locate you and not the Verizon towers nearby. One tab features a 7-Day Forecast Outlook, which is very very helpful in planning activities. This app also has a widget! It is not as extravagant as the widgets to Beautiful Widgets or the HTC Clock/Weather combo but it does get the job done! There are two sizes, normal and small sizes. The normal and small sizes feature location, currently outside, and temperature currently, and the low for the day. Anytime you click either widget it takes you to the Weather Bug main app so you can see more, which is very nice. The normal size is 1×2 while the small one is 1×1. The widget is also another good thing to your battery! It seems like Weather Bug + Battery = <3.


  • Runs smooth
  • Does not kill the battery
  • Lightweight in size on the phone
  • Many functions other weather apps do not have


  • Widget could be bigger

Market Verdict: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Me: Agreed, 4.5 is perfect for this app.

Here is the QR code to scan and download the app! This was suggest to me on the AndroidForums by SprintFun, thank you for the suggestion!

Attention! Pictures WILL be on here once I root my phone, which should be soon because I’ll have time on both Friday and Saturday to do this! Thanks for reading! Comments are appreciated!


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April 22, 2010 at 8:40 pm

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