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Nomnomnom ChompSMS!

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When getting your shiny new Android powered phone, you get a handy dandy stock messenger. What they fail to mention is how laggy it can get, lack of popping up a new text, and lack of customizing it. ChompSMS can do all of that, except kill the lagging part. But dare not fret! The lag is nothing compared to the lag of the stock SMS app! It only happens ever so often and is only minor, nothing to really worry about. Along with much less lag, you get new texts popped up at you instead of just a notification. This helps if you are playing a game, busy on Facebook, or are just too lazy (like me) to go into the app and read/answer it the long way.

ChompSMS comes with a variety of features including complete customization. You can customize the chat window with colors or a picture from your photo gallery! This is great for those of us who get bored looking at plain ‘ol white. With ChompSMS, if you do not have unlimited texting, you can buy credits that are supposidly cheaper than paying for normal texting. I would not know, I have unlimited texting.

In the stock app, you cannot add a signature to your texts! What if you want to show off your love to your girlfriend with her initials and a heart? Well, too bad cause the stock app does not allow love obviously! ChompSMS however, lets you put a signature. Along with showing the love, you can also show the secure side to yourself with a security lock on ChompSMS. This feature overall makes ChompSMS superior to me. People want to see my phone because, “Android phones are cool to play with!” and whenever I look over, someone is looking through my texts. With this security lock all they have to do is put in the correct pattern to get into it. Not the most secure way to do things, but it keeps things locked down surely.


  • Security
  • Love
  • Quick replying
  • Less lag


  • The cons are that this should not be needed, I should already have all of this in my stock app.

Markets verdict: 4.5 out of 5 stars

My verdict: 5 out 5 stars.

Too good of an app to pass up.

I need apps to review! I cannot keep doing apps I love! Comment me and tell me whats apps you the reader want to see!


Written by omfgwtflawl

April 26, 2010 at 8:58 pm

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