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I have a few choice words for you.

The official Twitter app from Twitter.

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After seeing so many Twitter apps and then reviewing one and a widget that has to do with Twitter, it makes you wonder when Twitter themselves would be making an app for their social networking website. Well, yesterday everyones questions just happened to be answered. People knew this app was in development stages but there was no official release date. On Friday April 30, it was released in the evening here in EST time zone. This app is up there with twicca (BETA) on Twitter apps to use in my opinion.

What does Twitter’s app do? It does direct messages, tweet timeline, your profile, lists you are in or have put people in, mentions, and retweets. Oh, it also does trending topics and in a very neat way that is different from all apps. There is a home screen to Twitter and when looking at the six options you can go to (timelines, lists, etc.) the trending topics actually pop up around the blue Twitter bird mascot at the bottom!

This Twitter app also posts where you are posting from. So if you are on vacation and are posting from Hawaii, it will tell your followers, “BAAAIMASHEEEEEP: I’m loving this vacation! from Honolulu, Hawaii.” but the “from ________” part is smaller on the end of the Tweet. Now with the location Tweeting also causes a problem for me. Where I live I happen to be around a few different parts of Delaware. Kenton, Dover, Cheswold, and Hartly. It so far has said I was in Cheswold, Kenton, and Dover. I do not like that I cannot choose where I would be posting from in situations like this. I am considered to be on the very tip of Dover, so therefore I should set it to “from Dover, DE”. That is really the most annoying part to it, but I like the feature none the less.

Do your friends use Twitter? Are they in your contact list on your phone? Sync them! This app will sync contacts to Twitter followers. That is pretty neat to be honest. It is like how Facebook syncs your phone contacts as well.


  • Great user interface
  • Location tweets
  • Very direct for new users
  • Everything you need in a Twitter app is here


  • Depending on where you live the location tweeting can mess up

Market review: 4.5 out of 5

My review: 4.5 out of 5


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May 1, 2010 at 10:00 am

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