Ohai thurrr.

I have a few choice words for you.

These are Our Groceries, not yours.

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The app is called Our Groceries, and being a connected grocery list is its use. If your family is like mine and all of you have some sort of Android device, this will be handy come grocery shopping time. Need Oreo’s for whatever reason? Put it on the list. But wait, why would you put it on the list, which is on your phone, for only you to see? Wrong! This app connects to the “master of groceries” I call it, which is my moms phone actually. She sees we need those, and on shopping day, picks them up. I am not actually sure how many can be connected to one list but all I know is I never really use it, I usually go with my mom on grocery day ha ha. You can also have multiple lists that shows on the phones, but that is only if “master of groceries” creates said list. If I were to do it my sister or dad would not be able to see it, mom would though.

That is about all the app will actually do for you, it is quite handy at times, and sometimes it just takes up a couple MB of precious memory on your phone.

I cannot find the QR code for this app, but if you search ‘Our Groceries’ in the Android Market it should be the first result.

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(I understand this is late but there has been things going on lately, sorry.)


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July 13, 2010 at 6:20 pm

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