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I have a few choice words for you.

A recap of Apple’s recent press conference.

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Everyone knows the name that is Apple Inc, and the name of the man that is Steve Jobs. On Tuesday Apple held a press conference that showed all of their fall gadgets as usual. From iPod’s, to a new iOS firmware, new iTunes, and a revamped Apple TV. I am buying the Apple TV, that is how good it is. For months I have been Mr. Anti-Apple ever since getting my Android OS phone. I enjoy the full capabilities of my Android phone for all it is worth. But I digress, onto the new stuff!

The iPod’s I will make a list for all of them, and they all come out next week or later this month;

The Shuffle

  • Has buttons again.
  • Silver, blue, green, yellow, and pink are its colors.
  • It has a clip that clips to your belt, backpack, whatever you want it to.
  • Only 2GB which costs $50.

The Nano

  • The Nano is now a 1.5 inch touch screen design with a clip like the Shuffle.
  • Comes in colors such as silver, metallic gray, blue, green, yellow, pink, and Project (RED) at Apple Stores or online.
  • There are two sizes, 8GB for $149 or 16GB for $179.
  • Supports Nike + iPod.
  • FM Radio.
  • No camera anymore.

The Classic

  • There is really never any changes this to model.

The Touch

  • It still does everything the old iPod Touches can do but a little more.
  • Has the Face Time Camera like the iPhone 4 has.
  • Records HD video.
  • Game center.
  • Retina display.

The iPod’s made a huge part of the show. But what I will show you next, is probably Apple’s best product, ever, in my opinion, of course, comma.

Apple TV. I have wanted an Apple TV for the longest time because of how it worked, and all that fun stuff. It has just been an expensive thing to buy though, not anymore. Apple has slimmed and made the Apple TV less expensive by getting rid of the hard drive in it. You can now just stream everything straight from Netflix or your iTunes library. You can now rent TV shows, both standard definition or high definition, for $.99. You have a month from the purchase date to watch it, and when you watch it you have that rental for 48 hours. Netflix is just streamed like it would anywhere else, you just need to have your own account to Netflix. The new Apple TV also connects to your iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone to play movies, music, and show photos/videos. The Apple TV comes out next month for $99. This is basically a $150 price drop.

iTunes is also getting a new version, and was announced at this conference. All the new version has really is Facebook integration, which doesn’t even work anymore, so it is actually completely pointless… But the new iOS for the iPhone’s,  iPod Touches, and the iPad comes out in a couple of weeks. What can it do?

  • Stream audio, and files over Wi-Fi.
  • Multitasking.
  • Folders. I have no idea what goes into these folders, though.

Here are pictures of the iPod’s and Apple TV from the conference;


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September 2, 2010 at 10:15 pm

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