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Let me start off by saying sorry for not blogging for almost two months. Stuff has happened, both good and bad, in my personal life and I just wanted to take time to see how all those things were going. But to bring everything up to current time; Lauren’s doing good, Alex and Jenny are as well. Lundy-B is fine and at home, just gotta heal. No longer work at my bagging job and now work at The Olive Garden. Now that we’re all caught up, let us begin with why I’m posting.

Call of Duty: Black Ops. Yes, a video game blog. If you do not want to read about video games, then I suggest you go back to Facebook or Twitter because you are not going to like this blog.

I digress. Last night was the Multiplayer Reveal for CoD: Black Ops. I would put CoD: BO, but I am too immature to not laugh at that, heh. Again, I digress. All information I put onto here can be seen at the link I will put at the end of all of this mess I am about to tell you. There will be other information bits to give but I do not know where I can find the source. They are official as someone posted these updates as their status and I do not want to give out someones personal Facebook to the internet. There also a trailer for the new mode called ‘Wager Match’ that has been uploaded to YouTube and God knows where else on the internet by now. I will post an embedded video of that at the end. Lastly before I begin, a link to a website with tons of information on guns and all that good stuff, also at the end of this post.

To begin, I will start off with the customization in Black Ops we know about from this reveal. You can customize your classes, your character, and guns. Customizing classes is no big shocker for any CoD player. Now customizing your character is brand new, and I think Treyarch did a great job with it as far as we have all seen. There was not much to go on with the live feed I read or the trailer but from what we know you can choose different armors for your characters that will affect their speed and looks as far as things go. Gun customization is very very different, and very very neat this time around. It looks as if you can paint your guns and mark your clan tag into the back of the gun. If your clan tag is ‘W33D’ like every other 12 year old cool kid on Modern Warfare 2, your gun will have ‘W33D’ etched into the back of you gun. It seems Treyarch really wanted to make the players feel like they owned that gun for real, and that is what I want. I want to be able to play this game and feel like I am in control of every aspect from system boot, to system shut down.

There was a rumor flying around for a while that went like this, “Choose two of your perks and the game will choose your third perk.” To me that sounds like I could choose (and I am basing this off of Modern Warfare 2’s perks) Slight of Hand and Cold Blooded and get Last Stand chosen to me. I personally use nothing but Ninja Pro. Why? I play Hardcore Search and Destroy. Sound whores everywhere in that game type. With that rumored system of perk selection, it almost broke me from buying this game. But as I think about it, that could work more towards a better idea more than a bad one. Why? You choose your two perks and then that last perk could be Stopping Power, Juggernaut, or any kind of perk to help you out with a low powered gun, an over powered gun, a short rang gun that requires you to get up in the enemies face. It all just comes down to what Treyarch has done, and on November 9th when everyone gets their game and decides not to play Campaign first. But the best thing I have heard about perks is that Stopping Power and Juggernaut will not be in the game. What does this mean? It means that you now have to get kills based on skill, and not Stopping Power helping you out.

Moving on to guns and gun attachments. At the bottom one of the links (I will specify down there) will have a list of all confirmed guns in this game. I will name a couple like the SPAS-12 shotgun, the AK47 and AK74-U. All of those being fan favorites all throughout the CoD series. I know I personally loved the AK47 in both Modern Warfare games. Also making a return is everyones favorite sniper rifles; the bolt-actions. I personally enjoyed using the WA2000 in Modern Warfare 2 because it felt right with me, where as every quick scoping player used the Intervention mainly. But as I said, the link down below will have all confirmed guns on the webpage. The attachments can be seen in the ‘Wager Match’ trailer, at least the ones Treyarch is showing off to us. ACOG Scope, Thermal Scope, a cusomizable Red Dot Sight, and of course Iron Sights. When I say the RDS can be customized, I mean, it can be customized. Treyarch has only shown us the smiley face RDS, which looks cool as hell I might add.

There have not been any map announcements, so I cannot really go into anything about that. Killstreaks are something I do not want to talk about until I have more information on them. The same goes with the prestige system. So I will just move on to the game modes.

Game modes! There are those (like me) who get on and play the same game type day in and day out. For me, my game mode of choice is Hardcore Search and Destroy. Why? There’s no bullshit. If you get turned on in that mode, be prepared to get laughed at and made fun of because it is very hard to not kill someone. Most of the guns do a one to three shot kill depending on distance and whether the silencer is attached or not. With a silencer you obviously get less range on your bullets. In ‘Core’ as I call it, you can put two clips into someone and get turned on quicker than anything. But enough of that little off topic banter. From what we know, all game modes are coming back. Which means I get my beloved Hardcore Search and Destroy back, yes! But! As I said before, there was a trailer for the new game mode called, ‘Wager Match’ up above. Where do I begin with the amazingly awesomeness that is Wager Match? Wager Match consists of four games, which I will list and describe below;

One in the Chamber – You have three lives, a pistol with only one bullet, and a knife. If you shoot someone and kill them, you take their bullet. If you miss that person, you are now without any ammo but you can only knife that person to kill them and take their bullet. I heard about this and I instantly said, “I know what I’m playing in Black Ops.” This game mode will take Hardcore Search and Destroy and make that game type my second favorite. One in the Chamber has easily grown on me, even without playing it.

Sticks and Stones – You have a crossbow, a ballistic knife, and a tomahawk. The twist to this mode is if you throw your tomahawk and kill someone, you bankrupt that person of all their COD points. Have no idea what COD points are? I will explain that, and why they will be important in this game very shortly.

Gun Game – You earn guns as you earn levels. You earn levels by killing people. You start off with a pistol (again) but this time with all of the ammo and not just one bullet. There are 20 levels to progress through, and if you get knifed you are set back on level. This will ultimately show who has skill with what guns, without a doubt.

Sharp Shooter – Everyone starts with the same weapon, which is randomly selected and no perks. You will earn perks along the way, but also the guns will cycle out to another weapon, which everyone will get as well. Every kill you get is a perk you earn, and a multiplier.

Aside from just One in the Chamber, I can see myself playing Wager Match all of the time instead of just the one game type with in it.

COD points! The new addition that looks like a good idea all around. In the past Call of Duty games you hit a certain level and you have to the option to ‘Prestige’ and lose all of your guns and in return you were awarded with a new symbol next to your name signifying your skill, or how many Microsoft Points you paid. I myself did all 10 prestiges in Modern Warfare 2, showing I had skill, but many just say I paid for it ha ha. But back to the point. When you Prestiged you lost all of your guns, perk, and challenges. You had to go through the ranks to get everything back. With Black Ops and COD points, you buy your guns and keep them. So this will allow players who stayed back at level 70 and never Prestiged because they did not want to lose their guns, able to keep what they have bought and unlocked for that gun without fear of the dreaded Prestige mode forcing them to lose everything.

In closing, I feel like Treyarch has done a fantastic job with Black Ops. My Hardened Edition pre-order will not be a mistake. Down below will be the links. Thank you for reading and subscribe, and comment 🙂

The Live Feed I paid attention to to get all of my information: http://www.1up.com/news/call-of-duty-black-ops-multiplayer-liveblog

The website I was shown that has a ton of information as well: http://www.codblackopsnews.com/what-we-know/ (There are many places to go on this website but I chose to put ‘What We Know’ as your starting point.)


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