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(150or so) Days of Us

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After watching “(500) Days of Summer”, again, it still makes me think of things from beginning of January until about the end of April. The main character Joseph Gordon Levett plays reminds me of, me. Someone who finds who they thought was someone who can be their everything. You meet them, and experience things with them and then BAM! They are gone from that special spot, because they found someone that they thought was better for them, even if they told you that they loved and cared for you. I am not going to say her name because if I am on good terms with her, and maybe she will read this, then again she may not.

To begin this story it starts back at the end of December, early January. I reconnected with an old classmate from Caesar Rodney. Yes, if you did not know I went to our rival school for about seven years of school. Kindergarten until the end of 6th grade. Anyways, I reconnected with her on Facebook and got her number and we talked, a lot. It had gotten to the point where we knew so much about each other and had begun the “talking” phase within a week. She was who I thought about all the time. She was that girl. We talked on the phone for an hour or two each night usually. It was honestly the best time of my life. The conversations on the phone where we talked about everything, to some nights talking about nothing. Those were the nights. We told each other we loved each other, and how bad we wanted to see each other. Even when texting back and forth. If there was something wrong over the phone and she was crying, I knew what to do to cheer her up. She never made the sounds that she was crying but, I just always knew she was crying.

So, what went wrong? You may be asking in your head. If you are not asking that in your head, well either way here is what went wrong. Nothing that I did made her do what she did. This was all her decision and I feel like she did what she felt was best. She wanted to start dating, but not me. I was heart broken, to tell you the truth. I had spent so much time talking to her, and just thinking about her that it was hard to get over her. But I did, get over her, no worries about that. She is now happy with her boyfriend, even if she is off at college and he is as well. I am happy for her, and happy that she has found someone to make her happy, like I had made her happy. We made an agreement to be really good friends after all that had happened. I agreed to it, but only because we had grown together as really good friends as well as a “something.”

It may seem like this was a pointless blog of sorts, but to be honest, this happens to us all. Whether we someday end up getting back with our “someone” or just never seeing them ever again. I wanted to share this with all of my readers and I have to ask, has this happened to you before? You do not have to share, but just, think about it. Comment about it if you would life to, and subscribe if you like my blogs.

Two quotes to think about, both are in the YouTube description of production company, “Wong Fu Productions.” They may not be quotes that you would see with famous names next to them but they do in fact have deep meanings. I will also put the video’s that they are in the descriptions of in case you would like to listen to the two songs. The first song is “When We Say (Juicebox)” by A.J. Rafael and the second song is “That Girl” by David Choi. Enjoy.

The first, “Love and relationships are never like the movies no matter how much we want them to be. But when something beautiful ends, for whatever reason, it’s most important not to be disappointed that it’s over, but glad that it happened at all.”

The second, “The ones we love tend to stay in our hearts and minds long after the relationship ends. While some move on quickly, others dwell and heal at a slower pace. Whatever the case, the thoughts, emotions and memories we experience during this time are heartwrenchingly powerful and real.”


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September 4, 2010 at 1:46 pm

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